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3-year PhD funding in Digital humanities

par Thierry POIBEAU - publié le

LATTICE is interested in the development of new natural language processing methods for the exploration of large literary corpora (typically on the scale of hundreds or even thousands of novels or comparable collections of texts). The lab is looking for PhD candidates who would like to apply for funded positions in this area.

Potential research topics include :

- The automatic identification/analysis of specific works (for example, can we systematically identify characteristics such as "literary schools" if we take an automatic/stylistic point of view ? Can we characterize/isolate such texts automatically within a given corpus ? Do authors really use particular stylistic elements ? etc.) ;
- Within a large corpus, can we characterize the notion of a "typical" novel ? Can we identify these automatically, for instance using a supervised classifier ? Could we use an unsupervised approach ? What differences can be observed between the two classification methods ? etc. ;
- The analysis of specific linguistic phenomena, even if they are hard to tackle, such as metaphor (starting, for instance, from the analytical methods proposed by McGregor et al. 2016 or Shutova and Veale, 2014).

The PhD must be centered around the development of new computational methods to explore questions related to stylistics and literary texts. The PhD will mainly target French texts (large collections of French novels for example).

Candidates who want to apply must have :

- a very good command of French (written and oral)
- an excellent command of English
- advanced programming skills (experience with at least one language like python, perl or java)
- a degree in literature or a related field, or interest in the humanities.

Interested candidates are invited to contact me by email (thierry.poibeau chez as soon as possible, with a CV, a master’s degree transcript and a cover letter. The deadline to apply is June, 10, 2018.

Funding is available for three years, and is around 1450 euros net / a month.

All the best,

Thierry Poibeau


McGregor, S ; Purver, M ; Wiggins (2016). Words, Concepts, and the Geometry of Analogy. EPTCS 221, 2016, pp. 39-48 (DOI 10.4204/EPTCS.221.5).
Ekaterina Shutova and Tony Veale (2014). Computational Modelling of Metaphor. Tutorial notes. In Proceedings of AECL 2014, Gothenburg, Sweden.