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2 November 2011

Welcome to LATTICE!

LATTICE is a lin­guistics lab funded by three organ­iz­a­tions: CNRS, Ecole Normale Supérieure and Uni­versity Paris 3-​​Sorbonne Nou­velle. Our research mainly deals with lin­guistics and natural lan­guage pro­cessing. The lab is a member of two labex (clusters of labs known as "labor­atoire d’excellence"): Transfers that groups together the majority of labs in human­ities from Ecole Normale Supérieure (IDEX PSL*) and EFL (Empirical Fund­a­tions of Lin­guistics) that groups together the majority of labs in lin­guistics within Paris (PRES Sor­bonne Paris Cité)

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25 May 2014

Nou­velle parution : Cath­erine Fuchs : "La com­paraison et son expression en français"

Cath­erine Fuchs vient de faire paraître la com­paraison et son expression en français aux éditions Ophrys. Ce tour d’horizon des con­struc­tions com­par­atives du français – le premier à ce jour – est illustré par de très nom­breux exemples rel­evant de registres différents : exemples de la langue courante, exemples lit­téraires, exemples journ­al­istiques ou tirés de la Toile, slogans publicitaires.

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1 December 2012

The lec­tures on "Semantics and prag­matics" by M. Ariel and J. Dubois at the Ecole normale supérieure in June 2012 are now online!

Mira Ariel (U. Tel Aviv) and J. DuBois (UCSB) were invited researcher at Lattice in June and July 2012. They have jointly given a series of talks that are now available online.

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30 October 2012

The videos of the workshop "Context dependent semantics pro­cessing" are available online !

The video of the workshop on "Meaning and context" (14 June 2012, Ecole normale supérieure) are now available online on the "Savoirs en mul­timédia" Website. Talks by Bruno Ambroise, Cris­tobal Pagan Canovas, Diana McCarthy, Raoul Moati and Nick Riemer.

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30 October 2012

New book: Cognitive Aspects of Computational Language Acquisition

The book dis­cusses some of the latest the­or­etical and prac­tical devel­op­ments in the areas involved, including com­pu­ta­tional models for lan­guage tasks, tools and resources that help to approx­imate the lin­guistic envir­onment available to children during acquis­ition, and dis­cus­sions of chal­lenging aspects of lan­guage that children have to master.

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8 August 2012

New book: Multi-​​source, Multilingual Information Extraction and Summarization

This volume con­tains a selection of papers that present a variety of meth­od­o­logies for content iden­ti­fic­ation and extraction, as well as for content fusion and regeneration.

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To be noted

Language: The Cultural Tool

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The myth of language universals

There are about 7,000 lan­guages around the world. Cog­nitive sci­entists often assume that (...)

A New Book: Corpus-​​Informed Research and Learning in ESP Issues and applications

A New Book co-​​edited by S. Carter Thomas, a member of LATTICE Corpus-​​Informed Research and (...)

Norvig vs. Chomsky and the Fight for the Future of AI

Extract: When the Dir­ector of Research for Google com­pares one of the most highly regarded (...)