Séjour de Lise Fontaine au Lattice

Du 14 mai au 9 juin le laboratoire Lattice, dans le cadre du labex TranferS, accueillera Lise Fontaine (Professeur de Linguistique à l’Université de Cardiff). Pendant son séjour elle donnera une série de conférences à l’ENS sur les constructions nominales, et sur leur traitement dans la perspective de la linguistique systémique fonctionnelle.

During the months of May and June 2018, the LATTICE laboratory, with the support of the “Labex TransferS”, is inviting Lise Fontaine (School of English Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University) as a Visiting Professor.

Lise Fontaine is a specialist of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) and during her stay will give a series of lectures focusing on the linguistic encoding of information through nominal constructions, from an SFL perspective. Nominal constructions cover a wide range of linguistic phenomena, for example, reference, cohesion, information chains and information structure. While various theoretical frameworks have focused on these types of expressions, the considerable body of work undertaken from an SFL perspective is comparatively unknown in France (e.g. Halliday & Hasan, 1976; Hasan & Fries, 1995; Fontaine, Bartlett & O’Grady, 2013). There has also been relatively little empirical work underlining how useful these approaches are in the study of information flow to compare or translate languages (cf. Steiner, 2004).

Each talk will concentrate on different aspects of nominal or content-oriented meanings in language and will raise important theoretical questions related to representational meanings and their expression or non-expression, language description and meaning construal, translation and language comparisons. Following the recent passing of MAK Halliday, the founder of systemic functional linguistics, this series of talks will be an ideal opportunity for novice and experienced linguists alike to acquaint or reacquaint themselves with some of the important tenets of the SFL approach.

Programme des conférences (version PDF en bas de page) :

Lecture 1: The Place of Subject in Welsh, English and French

Thursday 17 May (10h30-12h30)

Moderator/Interactant: Shirley Carter-Thomas, LATTICE

Lecture 2: The status of nominal expressions

Thursday 24 May 2018 (10h30-12h30)

Moderator/Interactant: Chris Gledhill, Université Paris VII

Lecture 3: Meeting in the middle, a functional approach to lexis

Thursday 31 May 2018 (10h30-12h30)

Moderator/Interactant: Fiona Rossette, Université Paris Nanterre

Lecture 4: Onion tears, on the role of inference in nominalizations and grammatical metaphor

Friday 1 June 2018 (9h-11h)

The 4th lecture will be followed by a round table session (more details later) and a meeting of the AFLSF (11h-13h00)

All lectures will take place at ENS, 24 rue Lhomond, Paris 75005 – salle E314

Talks will be in English but questions and discussion are welcome in English and French.

For more information, see: http://www.transfers.ens.fr/lise-fontaine