Alexandre François elected to the Academia Europaea

We are delighted to announce that Alexandre François was elected a member of the Academia Europaea, in recognition of his excellence in the field of linguistics, and of the international impact of his research.

Created in 1988 in Cambridge to promote science in Europe, Academia Europaea brings together the best scholars from all over the continent, covering some twenty scientific domains – including mathematics, biochemistry, medicine, law, linguistics, history or philosophy.

Alexandre François, Senior Research Fellow at CNRS Lattice, was elected in 2020 a member of the “Linguistic studies” section of Academia Europaea. This election constitutes a distinct recognition, by his international peers, of the high quality of his research in linguistics, and acknowledges its international influence.

Alexandre François devotes his research to the diversity of the world’s languages, and to the issues raised by their comparison. He works primarily in Melanesia, where he has collected field data on more than twenty languages, mainly in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. While describing these languages for the first time, he reconstructs their historical evolution, and compares them to the structures of languages in other families. Through his research, he seeks to highlight the cognitive and social processes that are universally at work in the evolution of languages.
Visit his page: here on the Lattice homepage, or on the official homepage of the Academia Europaea.

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