The LATTICE department
Lattice is a Paris-based department of CNRS affiliated with École Normale Supérieure (IDEX PSL : Paris Sciences & Lettres) as well as Université Sorbonne Nouvelle—Paris 3. Its members are full-time researchers from CNRS; academic faculty from Sorbonne Nouvelle or other universities; as well as other scholars, whether temporary or permanent.
Our scientific research focuses on linguistics, as well as Natural Language Processing (NLP).
As far as linguistics proper is concerned, our research includes work on the interface between grammar and lexicon – in the spirit of cognitive grammar; as well as discourse studies – with special attention paid to information structure and coreference.
Lattice linguists also take a historical perspective as they explore language change – whether the history of the French language, especially its syntax and semantics, or a more general reflection on factors of evolution in the world’s languages.
In the area of NLP, Lattice has been exploring neural techniques, with a recent focus on syntactic parsing. Our two research approaches, linguistics and NLP, are closely interrelated.
Finally, we are strongly involved in the field of Digital Humanities, and contribute to the building of enriched corpora and resources.

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